Personal privacy and public health: “I’ve had to delete my SafeWA app and burn my AstraZeneca t-shirt”

On Mornings with Nadia Mitsopoulos

Brain Injury Conference

NOV 2021

A fabulous national conference exploring many aspects of brain trauma and injury. Experts and patients alike will come together to #startaconversation.

As someone who has stood on “both sides of the bed”, the expert and the patient, I will be presenting in the opening session, sharing my own thoughts and experiences as well as, crucially, listening to others tell their stories.

The Life Project

Watch This Space!

The original “Life Project”, is an iconic landmark, honouring the gift donated by courageous donors and their families. It hopes to encourage others to register on the Donor Register.

The figures stand on the grassy plinth, gazing out over the ocean, creating a space and a time to pause and celebrate our lives in Western Australia.

Are there other locations, other spaces in Western Australia where a stunning artwork might signpost a place to stop and think for a while?

Watch this Space!

The Morning Show


Discussing key topics at the heart of conversations within the Perth Community.

This weeks topic: What would entice you to get the Covid vaccine?

Let’s start a conversation together.

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