Chatting about organ donation, kidney week and pigs as a source of life-saving transplants.

On ABC Afternoons with Christine Layton, March 7th 2022

“Signing up to be a donor doesn’t do anything for you personally, but it says everything about you.”

Discussing Organ donation with Christine Layton.

On ABC Afternoons with Christine Layton

The WA International border closure, The Cleo court case and the difference between Barristers and Doctors.

On ABC Perth Mornings with Nadia Mitsopoulos

The Medical Journal of Australia Interview.

“Back from the brink”.

Chewing the fat about medicine, living with a brain injury and sharing what I have learn’t about being a better doctor. With MJA news and online editor, Cate Swannell.

Personal privacy and public health

“I’ve had to delete my SafeWA app and burn my AstraZeneca t-shirt”

On Mornings with Nadia Mitsopoulos

Let’s start a conversation together.

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