Not a Blog; More a Memoir

“The best time to start blogging, was a decade ago.”

Some miserable git.

Yeah well I didn’t have the time or the inclination to write a decade ago did I?

In medicine, like every facet of life, there are those who are wont to be wise after the event.

The “Retrospectoscope” is a powerful tool, often used to criticise or belittle others valiant efforts to do the right thing. It is no coincidence that it sounds a lot like a ‘colonoscope’, since that is often where I figure the operator of the retroscope can stick their wise words.

I started writing this memoir/therapy/writer’s test-bed 3 years ago. Bizarrely, I don’t remember writing a lot of it and I will admit to editing some of the less edifying, more gratuitously shocking or overtly ‘blokey parts’. Time has moved on, as has the medical profession.

I am deeply gratified to be able to continue to contribute to the conversation.

The pages of Not a Blog will constitute a witness statement to my journey through medicine. I loved my medical career and I hate to have lost it. I love the people who work in health, all of them. I hope that the ones who met me when I was rather full of myself can forgive me.

I have learned not to speak for anyone but myself, only my own journey and my own reflections, my own career and my own brain injury.

I hope that by doing so, others might share their stories and their views.


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