Podcast Specials

“There can’t be many people with experience of significant brain injury, from both sides of the bed.”

Back from the brink. Podcast Special with The Medical Journal of Australia

Anaesthetist Dr Bruce Powell was competing in a charity bike ride when he slammed into a telegraph pole at 65km/h, almost killing him and ending his clinical career. He talks about medicine, living with a brain injury and sharing what he’s learned about being a better doctor.

Back from the brink

Special 1 My Friend Pierre

My Friend Pierre

Pierre and I shared a room for a few weeks. His is the only face that I remember from that difficult time in hospital after the crash. He was a wonderful man and this is a tribute to him.

Rest In Peace.

Special 2 Bruce and Janco Chat About Their Experiences Living with ADHD.

“No deal”

01:08 – Episode Start

01:48 – Education and Studies

02:50 – Studying Music and a Bachelor of Audio

05:36 – ADHD and Labeling

09:20 – Writing music for ADHD people

11:14 – Being a Junior Doctor

13:22 – ADHD and Social Anxiety

19:57 – Music and the Creative Process

24:59 – Is ADHD a superpower

32:01 – What does school teach you?

39:46 – Being a Doctor and Societies Views

59:21 – Choice, Having options is much more difficult

01:04:02 – Building strong foundations

Special 3 Bruce and Janco Return

One more chat before Janco returns to his proper career, working in “sustainability”, whatever that means.

1:05 Med Student mentoring. Brain Melt.

3:15 Golf

5:49 Beards at school

7:45 ADHD labels

10:40 Brain Injury Unit

14:10 Qantas pyjamas

15:30 Transition from patient to independent person again

17:00 Naked podcasting and nudism

27:15 Escape Plan

28:10 Base jumping and nudity

28:50 Cognitive collapse and Ritalin.

34:45 Hard to be in medicine if you don’t fit in

36:30 ADD vs ADHD

37:45 MAFFS? Isn’t that married at first sight?

38:50 Let Janco talk more

Special 4 Chatting about Organ Donation

Organ Donation: a personal story

Bruce reflects on the many emotional aspects of organ donation, recreated in an emotional story of tragic loss and joyous rebirth.

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