“You Only Live Twice”

In Series 2 – Episode 1, Dr Bruce Powell reflects on inauspicious beginnings and annoying personality traits, none of which appeared likely to lend themselves to a career in medicine.

Failed exams, rejections and inspiring, disturbing encounters, created a unique path via nursing in the south of France and lock-ins in Sainsbury’s freezers, to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.

“You Only Live Twice” chronicles the struggles to get into, and stay in medicine, all told with Bruce’s “signature black humour and feigned indifference”.

What other choice do you have, when God poops in you bed, but to scoop it up and battle on, learning lessons along the way?

Welcome to FUBARBuNDY.

“Great insights into Brain Injury. I feel there wont be that many people with significant brain injury who regain these sorts of insights.”

Season 2 Episode 1 – Bruce and Janco Return

1:05 Med Student mentoring. Brain Melt.

3:15 Golf

5:49 Beards at school

7:45 ADHD labels

10:40 Brain Injury Unit

14:10 Qantas pyjamas

15:30 Transition from patient to independent person again

17:00 Naked podcasting and nudism

27:15 Escape Plan

28:10 Base jumping and nudity

28:50 Cognitive collapse and Ritalin

34:45 Hard to be in medicine if you don’t fit in

36:30 ADD vs ADHD

37:45 MAFFS? Isn’t that married at first sight?

38:50 Let Janco talk more

Season 2 Episode 2

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