Podcast Specials

“There can’t be many people with experience of significant brain injury, from both sides of the bed.”

Special 1 My Friend Pierre

Pierre and I shared a room for a few weeks. His is the only face that I remember from that difficult time in hospital after the crash. He was a wonderful man and this is a tribute to him.

RIP Pierre.

Special 2 Bruce and Janco Chat About Their Experiences Living with ADHD.

“No deal”

01:08 – Episode Start

01:48 – Education and Studies

02:50 – Studying Music and a Bachelor of Audio

05:36 – ADHD and Labeling

09:20 – Writing music for ADHD people

11:14 – Being a Junior Doctor

13:22 – ADHD and Social Anxiety

19:57 – Music and the Creative Process

24:59 – Is ADHD a superpower

32:01 – What does school teach you?

39:46 – Being a Doctor and Societies Views

59:21 – Choice, Having options is much more difficult

01:04:02 – Building strong foundations

Special 3 Bruce and Janco Return

One more chat before Janco returns to his proper career, working in “sustainability”, whatever that means.

1:05 Med Student mentoring. Brain Melt.

3:15 Golf

5:49 Beards at school

7:45 ADHD labels

10:40 Brain Injury Unit

14:10 Qantas pyjamas

15:30 Transition from patient to independent person again

17:00 Naked podcasting and nudism

27:15 Escape Plan

28:10 Base jumping and nudity

28:50 Cognitive collapse and Ritalin.

34:45 Hard to be in medicine if you don’t fit in

36:30 ADD vs ADHD

37:45 MAFFS? Isn’t that married at first sight?

38:50 Let Janco talk more

Special 4 Chatting about Organ Donation

Organ Donation: a personal story

Bruce reflects on the many emotional aspects of organ donation, recreated in an emotional story of tragic loss and joyous rebirth.

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